St.Ouen's School of Dancing
St.Ouen's School of Dancing

St. Ouen's School of Dancing,


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School history

Our school was founded in 1992, initially just one evening per week of ballet classes.It has grown over the intervening years and now offers classes in ballet, modern and tap dancing. We are very fortunate to have the wonderful facilities at St.Ouen's parish hall and Community Centre at our disposal and are very proud to have been entrusted with the name of our parish.

The school also now holds classes at St.Clement's parish hall on Thursdays for those without a passport!!!

The school was founded to provide a unique and special setting for dance education. It continues to follow its core founding beliefs, ensuring a happy, inclusive, friendly and high quality dance environment where pupils can pursue and excel in their passion.

The school has a proud record in examinations, performance and competitions. Examinations are undertaken using RAD, ISTD and IDTA syllabi.

The school presents shows at Haute Vallee School, with the last one being 'The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, with over 200 pupils taking part in professional surroundings. 

Competitions include local Eisteddfod's, Inter-Insular Dance Competitions, All England Dance and The Dance World Cup. The pupils records in competition are second to none with success locally, nationally and internationally.

Population (2011 census) 4,097

Area (in vergees) 8,546

Connetable Mr.Michael Paddock




St Ouen is the largest of the 12 Jersey parishes by area, occupying the north-west corner of the Island. The patron saint of Normandy, St Ouen, founded a religious centre here shortly before the Viking invasions of the Island. His symbol is a gold cross on a blue background, as a reminder of a vision he had of a miraculous cross.The parish emblem is seen above the entrance to the Parish Hall and can also be found on many of the road name signs.

St Ouen's church was mentioned in a  document signed by William before he conquered England, so part of the parish church building may predate 1066. St Ouen is one of the western parishes where the church bells are rung by parishioners and others on Christmas Day. The daughter church of St George was built in 1880 in the north of the parish.

The Parish Hall is situated in the heart of the village, which is about half a mile away from the church. The war memorial is in the forecourt of the hall. Next to the Parish Hall is the old school, now used as a Youth and Community Centre. Les Landes Primary School is located near St George's Church.

Parishioners of St. Ouen are referred to as 'St. Ouennais'. The parish has its own magasine 'Le Gris Ventre', so-called because this was the nick-name for parishioners. It translates 'grey belly' due to the colour of the Jersey jumper worn by parishioners temps passe.

The school is based in St.Ouen in Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands.

St Ouen lies in the North West of Jersey and is the largest parish on the Island at around 5.79 square miles. St. Ouen is the furthest parish from the capital of Jersey, St. Helier and is also considered to be the most traditional of the 12 parishes.

National Flag of Jersey.
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St. Ouen's School of Dancing.